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Category: ✥ My Story

These are specific posts where I describe how a disease impacted me in the past, and led to a diagnosis.

My Chronic Migraine Story

I honestly do not remember my first migraine. As far as I can tell, I have always had migraines, but I was diagnosed around the age of 7. I would […]

My TMJ Story

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint, so technically what I struggle with is TMJD.   For those unaware what that may include, the symptoms are off to the side. My story […]

My Asthma Story

I have always had allergy and sinus issues, since early childhood (as it is with most of my illnesses.) These were usually confined to throat, ear, and sinus infections, plus […]

My Anxiety Story

My earliest memory of anxiety dates back to my childhood – I must have been less than 10. I had been invited to a sleepover, along with the rest of […]

My ADHD Story

According to my parents, I have always had concentration problems, even from a young age. Home videos show me bouncing around, incapable of sitting still; I started Grade School a […]