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Category: ✥ General

These will be random blog posts, including advice and information for various situations.

Spoon Theory

So, I’m headed to a concert tomorrow, and I will be using up spoons that I have been saving up all weekend. But not many people actually know what that […]

Religion and Faith

Religion and faith are complicated – they can be a source of comfort, a safety net. When life gives you lemons, God opens a window, right? But sometimes things get so bad […]

How To Have “The Talk”

The other day I went to temple for the first time in months (or maybe longer). After the service, everyone gathered for snacks, and a fellow congregant came up to […]

Myths, Misinformation, & Messages about ADHD

So, on January 1st, I switched insurance companies. I discovered – January 2nd – that my new insurance needed to provide “Prior Authorization” before I could receive the Adderall that […]

The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton I didn’t find this quote – WordPress did – but it seems very fitting. Working through health […]