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Spoon Theory

So, I’m headed to a concert tomorrow, and I will be using up spoons that I have been saving up all weekend.

But not many people actually know what that means.


Someone with a chronic illness (including Migraines, Fibro, RA, and so many others) only has so much energy – usually less energy than a healthier person. To explain this, we tend to use “spoons” to represent our energy.

Spoons don’t work for everyone – some people prefer analogies from games (mana slots, extra lives, etc). Even money makes a decent analogy – if you only have $100 in your bank account, but you try to spend $110, you overdraft your account.

Either way, the concept is the same. I only get so many spoons a day, and I usually end up using them all. But tomorrow, I’m going to a concert – an event I know will use up more than my daily allowance. So I have been taking it slow the past couple of days, so I have a reserve.

If you’re reading this, then you have probably read about the Spoonie Theory already, as it is popular on social media.

But I thought that it would be a good idea to touch upon it, just in case. It can be a very effective way to discuss your failing energy with others, or simply to help yourself plan accordingly.

Plus there is a ton of fun Spoonie merch, to show your support for others with chronic illness.

The shirt above that explains the Spoon Theory, for instance, can be found for $20 here on Amazon.

I’ve included some of my all-time favorite Spoonie accessories. Happy shopping!



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