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My Asthma Story

I have always had allergy and sinus issues, since early childhood (as it is with most of my illnesses.) These were usually confined to throat, ear, and sinus infections, plus the standard dust and pollen allergies. Asthma, though, was never linked to any part of that – I never needed an inhaler or had to worry about it.

And then, when I was in my early 20’s, I developed a cold, that evolved into a cough, that evolved into a never-ending cough. Every laugh turned into a cough, every cough made me dizzy.

After months of my (then future) husband nagging at me to visit the doctor, I finally sucked up the energy to make the drive from our Boston apartment to my Primary Care down on the Rhode Island border, about an hour south.

The doctor put me through the standard battery of tests, which showed that my oxygen levels were dangerously low and my breath output was insufficient. My levels were so low that I had to convince my doctor not to call an ambulance to bring me to the Emergency Room for further testing (she was worried about me driving, despite me having already driven the hour to the office.) Hours later, I was finally released from the hospital with a prescription for an inhaler and new medications.

Unfortunately, like all other physical ailments, my new-found asthma likes to spark up when my immune system is already weak. Like the first cold that led to the diagnosis, every cold now leads to weeks of coughing.

But each diagnosis is a piece to the puzzle that is my body. And little by little, with the help of many different doctors, I am figuring it out.


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