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Hair Care for Weak Hair

So one of the curses of being a medical mess is the constant feeling of having no control. It often feels like my body hates me, and I can take all sorts of medications and still feel like I am a stranger in my own body.

I have two outlets – I tattoo myself, and I dye my hair. I dye my hair a lot. I cut and style it; I change it; it gives me a part of my body that own.

Unfortunately, one of my Rheumatoid Arthritis medications (Methotrexate), causes hair loss. While my hair has not completely fallen out, it has thinned and stopped growing, which makes dying it much more complicated.

And that is where Overtone comes in.

Overtone is a daily condition that contains hair dye in it, and comes with all of the perks of hair dye, without any of the cons.

From a hair dye perspective – this dye doesn’t stain (skin, counters, showers), it doesn’t bleed (going to bed with wet hair doesn’t lead to colored sheets), and it looks amazing. On dark hair it gives everything a nice tint; on light or bleached hair it shines like a rainbow.

From a health perspective – this doesn’t feel like hair dye. My hair didn’t feel this healthy even before I took the medicine. Overtone treats hair more like a conditioner would than a hair dye would, and leaves my hair silky smooth and healthy. Added bonus – it smells nice, so no more chemically induced Migraines.

I have been telling everyone I know about this product – I swear by it, as both a simple hair dye product, and as a condition/dye for weak hair.

If you buy through my link, you’ll even save $10 off your first order. You’ll thank me for it (the advice, not just the coupon).


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